24 september 2020

Osteopath in the 'Tour de France'

It was my first tour and it was an amazing experience! Not only because of the great result (3th for Richie in the GC) but most of all because of the grandeur of the tour. All the best cyclists are competing to the limit in this perfect organized tour. 

Working in a tour comprehences a lot! The riders are put under a lot of strain, not only mechanicly but also physiological, visceral and neuro-vascular. As an osteopath you need to adres all fields: mobilizing the hip, needling the muscular chains, easying up the tension on the stomach, diaphrahm and colon (high carb load in race diet), stimulating the parasympatethic nervous system to enhance recovery, and last but not least listen to the riders awsome stories! 

A great experience!


LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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