3 June 2019

Our Renewed practice LMent

A new practice in Leuven with over 20 years of experience. With a downsizede group practice we aim to ensure even more quality and focus. With our 2 specializations, osteopathy and manual therapy we focus completely on back pain, sports injuries and injury prevention through a 'hands on' approach. As specialists we want to be the reference on these domains.

' LMent ', or ' element ', describes well what our vision – mission is: start looking for the cause of your complaint. We analyse all elements and retain that one that is responsible for your complaint. We don't treat the symptoms but address the problem fundamentally. ' Elementary ' refers also to purity, simplicity, back to basic. Thus we see our approach: pure manual, hands on. Diagnosis, manual therapy and advice, that's our expertise.

LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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