Myofascial Therapy - Dry needling


Myofascial therapy is a form of treatment of pains that are caused by a wrong functioning of the muscles. In these muscles, trigger points or pain points develop, which cause pain with a specific localization and radiation zone. Through a good diagnosis, taking into account the muscle chain in which this muscle functions, these triggerpoints can be detected and neutralized. 

This via specific pressure techniques and dry needling . Dry Needling is done with a fine, sterile acupuncture needle. The trigger point is accurately locatedwith a twitch as an objective feature. The release of the small muscle filaments and the disappearance of the hardened band, very characteristic of a trigger point, ensure the relaxation of the muscle so that the related pain disappears. Immediately after the treatment you can experience increased muscle stiffness. This is a normal effect from the waste products that are removed from the body.

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For who?

Do you continue to suffer from, for example, a tennis elbow that does not respond to classical treatment or injections? Do you sometimes suffer from tension headaches? Are you waking up at night of gnawing pain without any apparent cause on echo, RX or scan? Have you ever had a hernia and will you remain in your legs with radiance pain? Do you have a burning sensation and/or radiation pain in forearms/hands? Are you surgery and do you have atypical pain after surgery?

 Nand is our specialist here.

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