12 February 2020

Altitude training with Jasper Stuyven in Tenerife.

Sports Osteopathy on call 

Our sportosteopaat flew to Tenerife, where Jasper Stuyven was on altitude training camp. This is in preparation for the classic season, where Jasper wants to win! Frigyes is part of the personal performance group of Jappe. He is committed to help out Jasper where or whenever he is at the moment. Tenerife is a nature reserve in Tenerife, and is situated at 2000 metres and up. Exercise and sleeping at high altitude increases the capacity of oxygen uptake, and improves the long-term performance. The training itself will take a lot of the body, so there is a lot of muscular and articular tensions. Much to do for the osteopath!

Jasper has been trained in this wonderful setting, along with a team-mate, Edward Theuns.

They both looked very well in shape! We would like to wish both riders good luck for the coming season!

LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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