Fabienne Vande Vijver

Manual therapist | Myofascial therapist | Osteopath 

Fabienne graduated as a Master of physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Sciences at the KUL. She specialized in manual therapy to both the KUL as UGent. She is studying current osteopathy in Ghent at the IAO.

Expertise: Fabienne is our senior manual therapist at LMent. At her the more difficult cases. She has a supportive advisory role and a therapeutic role in the manual-and myofascial therapy. Chronic back and neck problems, general muscle tension, tension headaches are in good hands with her.

Experience: She gained experience in the Sacred Heart Hospital in Leuven on the service orthopedics and postnatal rehabilitation and guided the national selection women's basketball, as well as the Belgian Youth Climbers, the national selection of talented sports climbers. She gained experience in various practices and is since 2008 the fixed mainstay in our practice!

Person: she is a committed therapist who wont let go until your complaint has gone.  She is an avid outdoor athlete and a globetrotter.

Fabienne is available all weekdays in our annex practice at the Pakenstraat 17

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Mail:  fabienne@LMent.be

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