Nand Van Roy

Manual therapist | Sports physiotherapist 

Nand graduated at the VUB with a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Sciences and Kinesitherapy - option Manual Therapy which he is currently even more refining in his postgraduate. 

Expertise: During his training, Nand was able to expand his baggage of knowledge by doing several internships. Some of these are: the SPORT PRACTICE, Pro Performance, KOMFORM, practice E.S,...

With manual techniques and specific exercises Nand will work to improve your individual performance in sports or in everyday life.

Experience: Nand participated in the practice Aurigoleau where he could indulge in teaching swimming techniques. From his athletic post he is also an expert in sports physio.

Person: Nand is a driven person with a thirst for adventure, sports and music. With a past in athletic competition,  he now focuses on climbing and triathlon. His passion for music expresses itself by playing in a band.

LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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