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Boost your performance - Avoid injury

What does it take to win? How to boost your performance and to avoid injury through nutrition, biorhythm and/or suppletion. Osteopath Frigyes Vanden Auweele coaches you in your sports life.

It takes more than training long hours to achief your goal: winning! It is also imperative to take care of your body! Nutrition, recovery and biorhythm are the key-words here. Your coach, doctor and nutritionist can guide you to some extent but here we integrate all their input into a program which respects your body rithm and metabolism. This will boost your performance just that percent extra. The difference between gold or silver...

What to eat?

You are what you eat! A balanced diet is essencial in order to give sufficiant supplies after training. Each training causes muscle deterioration. A sufficiënt intake of proteïns, fatty acids, vitamins and carbs in the right balance at the right time is crucial! But what about anti-nutriënts? A lot of food contains bad stuff for your body and will defect the mircobiome in your bowel. This will result in a status of low grade inflammation and even lead to diabetes. Both conditions will influence your performance in a negative way.

When to eat?

It is important to relate your nutrition schedule to your activities. Furthermost, your trainingsrithm must be closely related to your biorhythm. Some athletes relate more to morning training schedules others later during the day. But what about competition in other time zones? Which interventions can we introduce to cope wiht these chalanges?

Orthomolecular suppletion?

Optimal nutrition is often just nog good enough. In heavy training periods or in case of objecivided shorteges it is necessary to add orthomolecular suppletion.


Coaching during one whole season for competitive athletes. Possible combination with sports osteopathy.

How do I become a champ?

  1. Make first contact by filling in the application form. Describe yourself, your sport and specify your need. We will send you a diary where you can fill in evertything you eat at what time. When you train, when you sleep. This for one normal training week. This wil be the starting point of coaching.
  2. Plan your first consult online via Skype: Your diary is reviewed followed by a 'deep learning' session. Advice is given, and interventions are implemented.
  3. We keep contact during the whole traject thrue mail.


  • 150 €
  • Follow up the during one whole season thrue mail is included.

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