Sportsosteopathic Screening

Avoid injury - boost your performance

It takes more than training long hours to achief your goal: winning! It is also imperative to take care of your body! The many hours of training can lead up to a dysbalans in your body. This needs to be detected and corrected. Are you a competitive cyclist, a soccer player, a volleyball player, an athlete or a climber? Each discipline causes a specific strain on your body and requires a specific approach. Getting rid of this dyslbalans,  is essential to avoid a negative impact on your physical performance! This is the difference between gold or silver...

The Sportsosteopathic Screening consists of a postural and podological analysis, a functional muscle testing, and a study of the neuro-vascular relationships. The weak points can be identified, and advice will be given to deal with it. A comprehensive report is given afterwards for further follow-up by  your physical therapist or physical coach. A good analysis is the base of a good coaching. Afterwards, A session sports osteopathy will be scheduled. 

Who?: Any seasoned athlete who is in coaching elsewhere and just wants a second opinion. A full report can be obtained upon request. 

LMent: Osteo & Fysio

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