What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic manual treatment method that promotes the mobility of the joints, organs, blood vessels and connective tissue. Dexterity means shiftability, stretchability and printability. The body must be ' in balance '. Otherwise, this often leads to loss of function and pain symptoms such as: inflammation, swelling, wear, joint pain, headache, poor digestion,...

Professional osteopaths are trained to detect and treat the underlying factors, even more so than the complaints themselves. After all, the cause of the complaints is not always at the place where the patient feels the pain. After a thorough interview, the Osteopath examines the whole body and not only the pain zone. The treatment consists of a series manual techniques that focus on the joints, trigger points, the nerve pathways and the connective tissue. If necessary, nutritional advice is also given.

You don't need a prescription from you doctor to go to the osteopath.

More information: www.osteopathie.be

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When to go to the osteopath?

  • Acute and chronic lesions of the vertebral column 
  • General joint complaints 
  • Functional digestive disorders in both adults and babies 
  • Tension headache, migraine, tinitus (ringing ears) 
  • Sportsinjuries & performance boosting: read more.

Sports osteopathy?

Sport osteopathy focuses mainly on injury prevention and performance enhancing. The osteopath tries to identify underlying causes that can bring the athlete's body out of balance. We are looking for the so-called ' energy leaks '.  These can manifest themselves in mechanical blockages, which disrupt the muscle chain operation. But also in a neuro-vascular function disorder whereby  certain regions easier get overused. Such an imbalance can not only cause injuries but also lead to a performance reduction, sometimes up to 20%! This is the difference between gold or silver...

Read more about sports osteopathy

Frigyes is our sportsostheopath. Make an appointment through our online appointment module (see below). Are you new? We advise you to register for the Sports Osteopathic Screening program. 

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